Tips For Keeping Your Family and Home Safe

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Your home is your castle and it is an oasis from the dangers of the outside world. But in order to keep your family safe, you have to be proactive about home security. Today, we are going to learn some basic home security tips that will keep your family safe.

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Forget Hiding A Key

Many of us hide a house key under a flower pot or landscaping rock in case we get locked out. But this is a very unwise move. Most burglars know this little trick and it is the first thing they look for when breaking into a home. Instead, keep an extra key on a necklace and wear it around your neck. This will make avoiding a home burglary much easier.

Use Deadbolts

Keeping the family safe is an important job. One of the best ways to keep the bad guys out is by installing deadbolt locks on all the door leading into your home. These super strong locks are hard to break and they will give any burglar a hard time. If you don’t feel comfortable installing deadbolts, you can always hire a professional locksmith or handyman to do the job for you. 

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Keep The Perimeter of Your Home Well Lit

When a criminal sees that your home is not well lit, it is an invitation to break in. Instead of letting this happen, why not install some lighting around the outside of your home? Motion lights are some of the best deterrents and they provide you with a safe outside environment. When choosing outside lighting, make sure to go with waterproof lights because these will last much longer.

These home improvement tips can keep your family safe. Remember to install deadbolts and make sure to lock them! Your family’s safety is in your hands. So always be diligent with your home security plan.

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