Going solar is one of the best and smartest decisions you will ever make as a home owner. Not only will you enjoy the usual benefits – lower monthly energy costs and reduced dependency on the national grid – but you will also contribute towards reduced carbon emissions.

Going solar for security

When it comes to home security systems, a solar electric fence will help improve security around your property as well as overcome other issues. There is no doubt that when you install a solar-powered electric fence, you and your family will have peace of mind. Why choose a solar electric fence? Cost-effective solution.

The installation costs of a solar electric fence are minimal in comparison to the amount of money you will save now that your fence will not be relying solely on power from the national grid.

As the most cost-effective home security system, it will help to keep your pets within the property. How? Well, it will act as a psychological barrier thus keeping your pets from straying outside your property.

The electric fence is built to withstand and absorb pressure from the environment and animals. To ensure this is possible, your solar electric fence requires an Energizer. Size matters a lot in this case.

Electric Fence Systems

If it has enough juice to power your solar powered fence regardless of its length and the type of pets within your property, your farm will be protected at all times. Little maintenance is needed Solar powered electric fences require minimal maintenance.

For starters, you have to clean the fence on an occasional basis. A licensed and certified contractor must also check the connection wires from time to time.

To store solar energy for use when extended cloud cover is present, homeowners must invest in high-quality deep cycle batteries. Such batteries are protected from extreme weather conditions and should be maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Failure to do so will result in the damage of the batteries. As a result, you will incur the extra cost of buying additional batteries.

A high-quality deep cycle battery should offer you 5 years of service. Easy to operate a standard solar electric fencing kit comes complete with high-quality solar panels, high-quality deep cycle batteries to store energy, a regulator to protect your batteries, stainless steel mounting brackets, a battery box, clamps, and bolts. Since all these components will be installed outdoors, they are protected from weather elements such as snow, wind, and rain.

Licensed and certified contractors can mount the system on a wall or securely on the ground to protect it. The solar photovoltaic panel is designed to collect and convert solar energy into direct current.

This sends one pulse of electric current per second through the wires. In case an animal comes into contact with the wires, an electric circuit will be completed.

As a result, the animal will receive a sharp but safe electric shock. Since the system is self-sufficient, it is easy to operate. As a property or home owner, keeping your family and pets safe is of utmost importance and one of the best solutions that will enable you to do so is a solar electric fence.

Powered by solar panels and deep cycle batteries, the electric fence is easy to operate, requires little maintenance and its cost effective. To ensure improved security around your home, a good installation is key. This calls for hiring a licensed and certified contractor who is well trained and experienced.