Safety at Christmas

5 tips on making the home safe this Christmas

We feel it in our fingers, we feel it in our toes, Christmas is all around us, and so the feeling grows! Although, besides turkey, cookies, and Santa, there is one little thing we might forget about. could be really tricky because we are fond of celebrating, and no one expects that something bad is going to happen. To make sure your holidays will go smoothly and nice, remember these 5 tips regarding good use of safety during the celebration. Here we go!

Inspect All Doors From

External decorations are a thing. However, they could be dangerous if set incorrectly. Make sure all the light bulbs are operating, and there is absolutely no bare wiring on your garlands. The safest option is to use low voltage LED lights because they don’t get hot even if you do not turn them off at all. Keep in mind that it is better to disable all the electricity while hanging decorations. Use a safe ladder when decorating your roof and watch out for icicles. And make sure your garland is specifically designed to work outdoors. Don’t overload circuits and always turn all the lights off when going to sleep.

Fire safety

Whether you have a fireplace or messing with fireworks, keep in mind that they are both a challenge to your time. Take all the necessary precautions before the party. Make sure you’ve got fire extinguishers armed and ready, and avoid using flammable decorations around your fireplace. Of course, set a Christmas tree at a safe distance from any source of a fire. Hire a chimney sweeper right before the holidays in order to remove all the dust and ash, and, therefore, preventing fire. Finally, even if you think that a firework in the house is a great idea, you’d better launch them only outside. Read manuals on using them carefully and make sure everyone maintains a safe distance after igniting a cord.

Take care of your pets

While making the home safe this Christmas don’t forget about your pets: they require special treatment these days. Cats and dogs adore jumping on a Christmas tree. A cat might get hurt when it jumps chasing magical lights and shiny toys, while a dog can get badly hurt if biting an electrical cable of your garland. Think of protecting your pets as well as a Christmas tree. While choosing decorations, make sure they are durable enough to survive bites and that they don’t have any sharp edges. Let your pets enjoy holidays with you in safety and joy!

Home alone

Going on a trip this Christmas? Remember the Home alone movie and protect your home from intruders. Don’t forget to lock your doors and windows. Clean the snow on your porch, so potential burglars won’t know that your home is empty. Try to create a general impression that your home is occupied – leave the lights on when you go out, turn the radio or TV as loud as you can, and think of hiring security and installing an alarm, if you are leaving for a long time. Don’t keep valuable things on window sills and sort your trash bin. If burglars see jewelry boxes or cases for laptops, tablets, and other valuable things, they might visit your place. And think of hiring Kevin McCallister to ensure your .


Hope you’ll take seriously. Using this very list may help you to prevent major threats and sorrows during holidays. Enjoy your celebrations, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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