Main tips to fighting covid19 in various home during a lockdown

The Tips To Fighting Covid19

This coronavirus or COVID-19 is affecting everything in our lives today. Many of the countries in the world are under lockdown. Various businesses are closed, and the workers are asked to work at home while taking care and staying safe. There are some tips given by health experts that everyone should look at to fight and outweighs this pandemic.
These are the tips to fighting covid19 in the various home during a lockdown. 

Self-isolation- Health officers are asking the people to isolate themselves for at least 14 days once one feels unwell and think he or she might have contracted this dangerous virus.

Keep A Social Distance

Social distance – People are asked to keep a social distance of at least 1.5m because you never know whether the person next to you have this virus or not. 

Wash Their Hand With Soap

Sanitizing – People at home or any other place are asked to keep the hygiene of a high level. They are asked to wash their hand with soap following the eight procedures of hand washing or even use sanitizers which are 60% alcoholic.  You are not supposed to touch your nose, eyes or mouth if your hands are not clean.

Use of face masks – Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or even flexed elbow while you cough or sneeze.

The above are the main ways that can help us fight this covid-19 pandemic. People at home from all over the world kindly are asked to follow the above tips so that we can fight this pandemic entirely. So, kindly stay at home and be safe.