Cameras and mobile devices

There is no need to outsource the safety and security of your home to a company because this new system enables you to do it yourself.

You don't have to worry over the safety of your family and property when you are absent from home if your cameras can now alert you through your mobile phone when there is an intruder in your home

The Invention of the android phone, tablets and other mobile devices have helped provide solutions to enhancing the security of our homes in your absence.

Systems have been developed to communicate to you via your CCTV cameras to your smart phone when an intruder sneaks into your home or property. 

The most exciting thing is that, you can rely on a system that does not go to sleep. The one that watches over your home 24/7. 

Censor lights

While installing your cameras at vantage points of your home, it is important to use good lighting close to where the cameras are installed for better image quality.

Censor lights are most recommended for this. Censor lights in itself can deter the intruder to abandon his mission when it turns on automatically.

Thus, the intruder assumes that, he is being watched from inside the room when the light got switched on.

There are many instances where an intruder had to flee when the censor light suddenly lit on him while he was busily trying to break into a room from the rear door.

So the home was saved from being robbed by the censor light. Installing the best outdoor security cameras below your censor lights is vital in achieving this.

Electric fencing

Securing the middle perimeter (walls fencing the house) of your home is of immense importance especially when the doors to the inner perimeter (i.e. your rooms and/or offices) are not purpose built and designed for maximum security.

To ensure maximum security, the most recommended system is the installation of an electric fence wire with an inbuilt electric fence charger.

With this system, the prime objective is to deter the intruder from daring to make an unauthorized entry.

In areas located in the tropics with lots of sunshine, it may be appropriate to set up a solar electric fence. 

For safety reasons, some people do not prefer electric fences.

Instead, they use infra-red censors installed on the perimeters/walls that signal the owner of the house anytime an intruder breaches security by trying to jump over the wall into the compound.  

Again, this signal can be linked to a mobile device-just like the camera, the police can be alerted for swift action.

Use the best recommended security systems to secure your home.  The security of your home cannot be compromised.

Everyone needs the best self monitored home security system that works. There are various home security systems such as home security devices for doors and windows.

What you need should be home security devices that secure your home. 

Remember, safety is a higher priority.


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