Home Safety Hazards

The home should offer a good place for the protection of your family. Many of the home accidents can be prevented and this is why you need to be knowledgeable of the . The following are ways of dealing with home hazards;

•    Falls – Falls are the leading hazards at home. These accidents can cause broken bones, fractures or internal bleedings that may eventually lead to death. In ridding the home from hazards like falls, ensure your staircases have good lighting and solid steps and handrails. In the bathrooms, let the showers have rubber mats, and there are mats on the floor when getting out of the bathroom.
•    Poisoning – While making your home safer, ensure that all the cleaning products, pesticides, and store paints are kept away from kitchens or anywhere in the house where people may confuse them for drinks. In dealing with home hazards that come from poisoning, label the unmarked containers, and don’t store food products in containers that were once used for storing chemicals.
•    Fire Hazards – Put smoke detectors in your bedroom, kitchen, and basement. Test the fire alarm monthly and replace the batteries frequently. 
•    Carbon Monoxide – This home hazard is a silent killer as the smell cannot be detected. Have carbon monoxide detectors and ensure you check their batteries regularly. Also, check the heaters annually to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

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