A good home improvement company can improve home safety

I will be lying if I say you can completely control all events in your house and keep it safe. This is because, it is 100% impossible to prevent every disaster or accident. However, there are some simple tricks a good home management company can put in place to remedy the situation. Many homeowners think adding some adjustment or employing a home management company is expensive.

The truth is, they are safeguarding your largest investment. Nothing on this real estate market that matters like a secured home. It saves you money, time and also sees your future investment appreciate in its initial value.  So, what does a good home improvement company do to safeguard your home?

 Latest statistics from Real estate and FBI indicates, in 2019 there were a total of 1.767 million burglaries in the US. Out of this, 69.2% of these cases took place in better residential homes. Home owners suffered a lot in property losses and damages of over $4.6 billion.  This figure is so alarming and the best way out is to employ or find a good home improvement company. That said, here are some things your home improvement company can add to your property.

Landscape Upgrades

This includes a general appearance of your home. It is approximated that, 40% of home break-ins are done in homes with bushes or hiding spots. These spots can be a blind range for cameras. So thieves can use that as an advantage to break into your home. A good home improvement company will ensure all bushes are weeded out and trees trimmed around your properties. Also, introduce a smart fence among other things. Having an upgraded landscape gives your security system a chance to detect. It even notifies your security personnel in case of any detections.

Physical Home Upgrades

When it comes to your home there are small adjustments you can add or install to boost the whole system. A good security company ensures that all locks, doors, lighting systems and security cables are in good condition.  Here are some physical upgrades you can enjoy when working with a good company.

Upgrade of Doors

Your main door is the most common entry point for any burglar. Not to name them, one of the first things a thief notices about your residence is the door. Forty percent of all burglaries recorded in America enter their scene using the front entrance. Upgrading means the introduction of smart locks, facial recognitions and stronger materials. This can cost you a lot but certainly less than what you will lose when valuables are stolen.

Installation of Modern and New Security Systems

When it comes to home security it all comes down to monitoring and response reactions. Thieves always avoid homes with guarded fences, security cameras and proper perimeter wall. In fact, last year alone 1 out of 10 houses with proper and modern security system were robbed. This was due to electric or power failure. On the other hand, the unguarded homes experienced a 0.56$ increase on the initial value of the guarded homes. This implies a simple security system has the tendency of preventing burglary.

So the only way out is to work with a reputable and known company in a home security improvement team. Like any other response team, your systems play a huge role in the protection and also how you will respond. Installing cameras or even writing some posters such as ‘This property is guarded with CCTV 24/7 or No tress pass’ can make a thief/intruder hesitant to break in.


Home improvement company is not all about security. It’s more about safety and maintenance. A good company will ensure that all of your power lines are well connected. Also, gas piping is up to the standards and all the broken parts replaced. So working with a company or a good security agency means more security. It is an investment that sees your property maintain its standards and also appreciate its value. Lastly when choosing a home improvement company be sure to check their ratings. Remember to take a look at online reviews, pricing and experience of their crew.  

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